ACDBA welcomes the opportunity to meet and engage with stakeholders to the Australian Collections Industry to review and workshop matters of mutual interest and concern.

Since inception, ACDBA has actively engaged in discussions through meetings and forums with stakeholders including legislators, government departments, regulators, external dispute schemes, other industry associations, credit bureaus, financiers, debt sellers, consumer advocates and financial counselling groups.

Open and frank discussions enable parties to appreciate the perspectives of others and facilitate agreement on areas in common and to explore any areas of contention.

ACDBA stakeholder engagement resulting in a collaborative outcome has been the work between ACDBA and Financial Counselling Australia leading to the establishment of the National Hardship Register which ran from 2014 to 2023 and addressed the serious issue of long-term and severe financial hardship experienced by a small number of vulnerable Australian consumers. 

Industry stakeholders seeking to engage with ACDBA are encouraged to contact its CEO.