At 30 June 2022 collection firms in Australia were handling nearly $21 billion in debt represented by 7.9 million files under management. Contingent collections were 65% of accounts and 39% of debt compared to purchased collections at 35% of accounts and 61% of debt.

Cumulatively, the industry made more than 104 million consumer contacts in FY2022 being phone calls, text messages, emails, online portals, non-statutory and statutory letters. Survey participants reported collecting over $1.4 billion from accounts under management in FY2022, had $2.6 billion in accounts under payment arrangements and wrote off $29.3 million due to hardship.

Click here to view the complete results of the Industry Data Survey for FY2022 conducted by ACDBA, additionally an analysis over a 10 year period of complaints received by ACDBA members and how they were resolved is available here.

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