Industry Demographics

As at 30 June 2013 ACDBA members were handling more than $8.74 billion in debt represented by 3.6 million files under management - this includes both contingent and purchased debts.  The breakup of file types was 44.4% handled as contingent collections and 55.6% as debt purchase collections.

Cumulatively, ACDBA members made more than 49.8 million debtor contacts in FY2013 - contacts included phone calls, SMS, emails, non-statutory and statutory letters.  Members report collecting a total of $2.18 billion from accounts under management in FY2013.

Click here to view the complete results of the ACDBA Member Data Survey for FY2013.

Further useful additional information on the collections and debt buying industry and how it operates can be reviewed in the Australian Collections Industry Snapshot as at April 2011.