ACDBA Appoints CMC

ACDBA Appoints CMC

The Australian Collectors and Debt Buyers Association (ACDBA), which launched a Code of Practice compulsory for all its members in March has now established a Code Compliance Monitoring Committee (CMC) to investigate alleged breaches of and to monitor compliance by Subscribers to the Code.

The Code included a Charter for the CMC which mandated the CMC shall comprise an Independent Chair and a member to represent the interests of Consumers and a member to represent the interests of Subscribers to the Code.

Independent Chair of ACDBA, Mr Peter Boehm today announced the appointment of inaugural members to the CMC as:

  • Mr Boehm as Independent Chair
  • Ms Fiona Hawkins representing Consumers
  • Mr Michael Watkins representing Subscribers

Fiona Hawkins is a CPA and a highly qualified financial counsellor working in the community. Previously holding executive positions with Financial Counselling Australia and an inaugural member representing consumers on the National Hardship Register Pilot Committee, Fiona is a strong and effective advocate for consumers. Her past experiences have included successfully bringing a code breach in financial services to an appropriate outcome for a client.

Michael Watkins is a Solicitor and Chartered Secretary. He has worked in corporate and commercial law for his entire career including previously as General Counsel for Collection House Limited where his responsibilities included governance, compliance and risk management. Michael’s past experiences equips him with a practical and real understanding of issues, dynamics and responsibilities for debt collection in Australia.

Mr Boehm said “the representative members bring an exciting depth of real experience, knowledge and commitment to the CMC and ensures the CMC is appropriately resourced to attend to and meet its responsibilities under its Charter”.

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5 May 2016