Debt Collectors Just Want to Help

Debt Collectors Just Want to Help 

Calls from Australia’s collection agencies to debtors are tipped to push through the 70 million mark annually when new industry figures are released shortly.

But the peak body representing 70 per cent of Australia’s debt collectors believes that figure could be more than halved if those contacted just picked up the phone or answered a text.

“People should not fear when a collector calls, just talk to them,” says deputy chair of the Australian Collectors and Debt Buyers Association (ACDBA) Matt Thomas.

“We are there to help you find a solution and if we know your circumstances, there are many measures we can put in place to assist.”

A recent report into the debt collection industry by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) found the sector to operate professionally with few complaints compared to the number of interactions collectors had with customers.

“The report found most complaints stemmed from disputes the customer had about the debt and not the conduct of the collection agency.”

However Mr Thomas urged people to speak to the collector as it helps get to the bottom of the dispute hassle-free.

“This way, an open line of communication can help remove any fears of harassment and once we talk to a customer and find a solution, we have no need to call again.”

“Our members act with great compassion and understanding, and we comply with regulations, a point confirmed by this ACCC report.”

He revealed the ACDBA has been trialling a pilot ‘National Hardship Register’ (NHR) which voided debts for people in genuine and major hardship, although he said most members were already working directly with customers facing hardship.

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3 June 2015